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[OOC] Schedule Update

Just to give people a heads-up, after this weekend, my work schedule is changing yet again - I'll be working a combination of evenings and nights (EST) for 6 weeks or so.  If you need me, +mail and I'll try to accommodate you!


Winter Ball Details

In case you're at the Winter Ball at Aragon and don't want to spam yourself with the details in your window:

FeastCollapse )

DrinksCollapse )

DessertsCollapse )
ArrivingCollapse )
The grounds at Aragon Manor - if you didn't trump in, you'd have seen them.Collapse )      

Beach Party Snippets

Since the beach party went on for eight (count them, eight) hours, I'm not going to edit up the entire log and post it.  Instead, I'm going to post highlights for folk's amusement. Obviously, many of these are from my perspective; I'm sure there were plenty more entertaining moments that I missed!   If there's anything else, feel free to toss it into the comments!  Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who attended.  

Squid Wrangling?Collapse )

Melons and mojitosCollapse )

Mama-Bear Dee & Kestrel shows us how to make an exitCollapse )

Please don't plunder my party.Collapse )

Lad, I don't know where ye been, but I see ye won first prize.Collapse )

Dangerous women? Nah.Collapse )

"I thought we were forgoing manners this evening."Collapse )

Almost everyone left before the group hugging began.Collapse )


Party Details

In case you're at the party this afternoon/evening, and would rather not spam yourself in a window with +details...
SettingCollapse )

GreetingsCollapse )

FoodCollapse )

StaffCollapse )

EntertainmentCollapse )

WaterCollapse )


She steps back, and with an obvious flare for the dramatic, tosses her rapier aside and holds her hands out. "What do you want from me, then? Yes, I slipped up, it seems. Do you want to give me a beating? Does that fix it?" Emma's brows lift, her words more earnest than cheeky.

Benedict drops his own sword, and draws the sharp one. "No," he says. "Your mistake. You tell me what to do." He extends the blade slowly, almost like an offering.


New theme song

Would the two of you like bunny slippers?

Taleyn mouths after Benedict, 'don't leave' then she grits her teeth, clenching and unclenching her fists several times. She cannot seem to speak, or perhaps she just can't say anything *nice.* After a minute, a thought occurs to her. "Emma!... you look very lovely today." 

"I must second your cousins's statement," Eric notes. "Stunning, Emma."

Emma watches Benedict leave, amusement creeping into her own features as he does. She turns her attention to Eric and Taleyn, flipping a hand in dismissal. "Thank you, both." Then: "Honeycomb structure?"Collapse )

Old (but funny) history

(It should be noted that this is from years ago, and Gwen and Phil are Feldane Ancestors - part of the famed talking urns.)

Emma takes a deep breath, then says, "Of course I would, Aunt Gwen." There's a smile in her voice, which creeps onto her features as she looks to Taleyn.

Taleyn nods, grinning. "Proceed, please."

Gwen says, more calmly, "He says he hopes you rescued some people while you were away and that you didn't get injured, but if you did, he'd like to... take care of you, and check the scar."

Taleyn wails.

"It figures I wouldn't come up with a scar in any place interesting," Emma all but mutters.

Phil's grunt has become a grunt.

Taleyn says, "Neither did I."

Phil's grunt has become a grump.

Taleyn says, "EMMA! QUICK! STAB ME!"

Gwen, brightly, "Well, I 'm sure they really - oh *dear*, girls, that's really not needed."

Emma perks up. "Only if you stab me too," she says, seeming to actually be considering it.